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We help our clients sell their properties quickly and for the best price. Our work is directed to everything related to Real Estate such as Investors, Realtors, Airbnb and other companies that need to sell, buy or rent their houses, apartments, offices, etc…

About Me

I live in New Jersey, USA. I am happily married, I have 3 beautiful children and my wonderful mom.

My family and I have been dedicated to the Real Estate Investment business since July 2014 and it was in March 2017 when I started my first Staging until today.

SHS’s mission is to help our clients sell their properties quickly and for the best possible price.

Our work is directed to everything related to Real Estate such as Investors, Realtors, Airbnb and other companies that need to sell, buy or rent their houses, apartments, offices, etc.

SHS helps its clients visualize the space and features of the property that interests them.

We also highlight the key rooms allowing an empty house to feel like a home. This allows the owner to sell faster and at a better price than expected.

SHS is based in Morris County, NJ and also operates in and around the other counties in North Jersey.

As I call what I do: “We are the cherry on the cake”


Real Estate Staging

Staging a home for sale can help make it seem more appealing, spacious and memorable.

Organizing & Re-design

Home organizing & redesign is the art of creating an aesthetically pleasing interior, whether on a new home or renovating an old house.

Airbnb Staging

Staging your rental is a great way to attract and get the most renters, and the most money out of your Airbnb rental.

Designing Spaces That Sell

81% of people consider that a property with Home Staging is easier to visualize as their home. With the correct use of furniture, design, spaces and decoration, a property can be sold or rented much faster.

Organizing & Re-design

We redesigne and organize all spaces to accomplish fluidity and a sensation that the property has everything you have dremaed.

Idea & Processing

We use color psychology, among other tools and strategies to achieve warm and striking spaces.

Material Selection

We use different materials, textures and colors to achieve a balance, always keeping your budget in mind.

The path of Staging your property


Step 1

Before getting down to work, the first thing to do is to recongnice the space, point out all the flaws and know the inconveniences of the property. Then, establish an action plan.


Step 2

Define how much money money needs to be invested, in this way, priorities can be established. A list of defects will help to put a price on each task and give an overall idea of ​​the money needed.


Step 3

It is time to carry out all the necessary interventions to fine-tune the property: Repair of damages, order and cleanliness, design and decoration of spaces.

Xavier A. Campuzano. Exceptional Homes LLC

Highly recommend! I’ve used Sally’s Home Staging for several of my listings now and every single time she does an exceptional job! The homes look amazing and even larger with furniture! I love recommending her to my clients because it really helps buyers envision a home that could potentially be their own. On top of that, staged homes vs vacant ones are selling for more money and much faster. Lots of positive feedback from showings and open houses. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Andrea Alvarado – Signature Realty

You can tell Sally takes great pride in her staging. Her attention to detail and work ethic is unlike any other! I highly recommend her staging services!

Jesse Mundt

Frequently asked questions

I have read and studied about home staging. Why should I hire a professional?

Because as in everything, you can receive many tips on how to do something, but you will never get the same result as a professional. Each house has its needs and a home stager can tell you what is necessary for your home and what is not.

Can home staging be done on an empty property?

Yes, and actually, you should. Most people are not able to see the real space of a room if there is no furniture inside. Empty spaces are usually cold and soulless, so your potential clients will not be able to imagine living in that property.

What can I recover from my investment in a home staging project?

Your house is your biggest investment; therefore, you must make sure that it is in perfect condition before putting it up for sale. My goal as a home stager is for you to sell at the best price and as quickly as possible. The houses that are sold the first month are the ones that receive the best offers. Also, the total amount you spend on a home staging project is much lower than the money you have to deduct just at first glance for not home staging.

In a Home Staging, do I have to buy the furniture?

No, you only pay for the service, not the furniture. I, as a Home Stager will take care of the furniture, the lighting, the fabrics and the decoration

My house has no furniture or very little, will I have to spend money buying it?

If your house has little furniture, it can be a benefit, it depends on the case. If your house has no furniture, you have to furnish it. An empty home shouldn’t be shown, because only 10% of the potential clients who visit your home will be able to see the possibilities of the home if it is empty.

Is home staging effective?

Definitely YES
• Owners who do home staging reduce the price of their home by up to 3%, while those who do not use it up to 8.7%.
• 98% of owners sell their home for the appraised price.
• Houses with home staging are sold in an average of 35 days, while those without it are sold in 130 days.
• 63% of buyers prefer to pay a little more for a house that is ready to move into.
• Sellers who invest in improvements to their homes for sale, recover 343% when selling the property.

You say that home staging is going to make me earn money, can you guarantee that?

I cannot guarantee that you will sell your house in a certain time or for a certain amount because home staging is just one part in the selling process. My job is to make your house look its best. Causes such as the situation of the real estate market, the location or the price you ask for your property are factors that do not depend on me.

What is the difference between a Home Staging and an interior design project?

In interior design, the house is adapted to its owner, it is like “a tailor-made suit” for whoever is going to live in that house. The interior designer analyzes and studies the tastes and needs of the owner. Once the study has been developed, the home focuses in that direction.

On the other hand, in a Home Staging the residence is depersonalized and neutralized so that it attracts a greater number of people. All the spaces are valued to get the most out of them and that their potential buyers can estimate them positively.

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